Trogdar is a Barbarian Warrior from the northern peninsula of Norsca. Drawn by the promise of beer, women, beer, gold and beer, Trogdar headed south into the Old World seeking adventure and looking for a fight. He found it when he ventured with a hastily-comprised group of warriors into the former-Dwarven stronghold of Karak Azgal, now teeming with greenskins.

Trogdar soon proved himself adept with a sword, taking out both friends and foe alike as he flew into rages of berserk fury.

Distinguishing marks/characteristics Edit

As the bearer of the only functioning lantern, Trogdar is the de facto leader of the group, though others have tried to usurp his leadership role in the past. Whilst performing his leadership duties, Trogdar often uses a special technique known as 'the secret knock', a curious technique which so far has been unsuccessful in opening locked doors.

Trogdar's battle-cry is his own name. Others among the group have been known to echo this battle-cry in times of struggle, particularly when the hulking Barbarian deflects their killing blows or hits them in a berserk fury.

Trogdar has a tattoo on his back of himself, standing atop a slain dragon, with the legend 'Mitey Worrier' enscribed beneath to commemorate the group's first successful adventure. Coincidentally, it was after this event that Trogdar began to wear armour on his upper torso.

His favoured weapons are his ensorcelled blade and the Hell Mace, which he switches between frequently. One day he hopes to learn to use one in each hand, though where he will carry the lantern is unknown (though can be guessed at).

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