The Son of Ixthod is a human Wizard of as-yet unknown origin. The Wizard seemingly has but one motivation - to make as much gold as possible. He also has a predilection for fungus, and enjoys sampling the different varieties he finds in the dungeons of the Old World.

Able to call upon the Winds of Magic, the Wizard has an affinity for spells of cold and ice, and is able to freeze his enemies solid, crushing them beneath the weight of their own bodies or spearing them on jagged shards of ice. However, when the Winds of Magic fail him he is known to draw those same foes to him, putting the group in perilous danger.

Distinguishing marks/characteristics Edit

Thin and bony (existing only it seems on mushrooms and other fungi) with unkempt hair and beard, you would not be mistaken for thinking the Wizard a vagrant of the Old World. Yet he has been shown to have a fine taste in clothing, and his robes are made of the most exquisite materials the Empire has to offer.

The Wizard's mind often seems in another place, which in some ways is actually true. His conscious is tied to the capricious Winds of Magic, forever enthralled to its ebbs and flows. At the best of times this can make the Wizard improbably powerful, his scrawny body able to create powerful conjurations. At the worst of times the Wizard is rendered inept, at his weakest when his comrades need him most, such is the Wizard's lot in life.

This unpredictability, and the Wizard's penchant for 'stealing' kills from the other Warriors, has led to unpopularity and a feeling of resentment within the group. Whether the Wizard is aware of this or not is debatable, but it doesn't seem to have changed his manner of adventuring.

The Wizard seems to have a preference for using ice magic, particularly the Freeze and Healing Hands spells and Ice Blades, though he also uses the Confusion charm to bewilder his enemies. Having found Laranscheld's Book in the crypts below Karak Azgal, the Wizard also began to study the dark arts of Necromancy. Though his initial attempts to reanimate the corpses of his slain enemies did not last as long as he hoped.

Relationships with the other WarriorsEdit