Welcome to the The Secret Knock WikiaEdit

The ongoing adventures of a group of Warhammer Quest adventurers, as narrated by their long-suffering GM.

I've written so much up about out little group that I wanted a central place for them to share and for others to read if they manage to stumble across my website.

The main section is The Epic Tale which contains all the stories I've written about the games, but there are subsections for each of the four Warriors, as well as some of their greatest (and not so greatest) foes:

The Warriors Edit

Trogdar: The Barbarian

Jandyr: The Elf

The Son of Ixthod: The Wizard

Short-arse: The Dwarf

Their foes Edit

Black Fang Orcs Edit

Gorgut: Warboss of the Black Fang tribe

Skabnoze: Orc Shaman

Gubbinz: Goblin jester

Growler: Gubbinz' loyal squig hound

Skrunch: Black Orc Boss

Skullbasha: A huge Orc

Bogoff: A mischievous Snotling

The Skaven under Middenheim Edit

Quirrik: Warlock Engineer

Rat Golem: Quirrik's monstrous creation

Skreek Deathstrike: Assassin

The Triad: Skreek's (dis)loyal underlings

Kapcha: Packmaster

Hiss-hirt: Leader of Quirrik's Stormvermin

Others Edit

Alberto Laranscheld: Necromancer

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