The nets came from nowhere, flying out of the darkness to land among the Warriors.

"Not this time," Trogdar muttered to himself, pirouetting on the spot to avoid the tangle of ropes. "Get 'em Wizard!" he called to the blackness behind him.

"FREEZE!" came the command, the nets halting in mid-air, held suspended on stalks of ice like gigantic tennis racquets. The ice flow continued down the corridor, catching the surprised goblins unawares, some still in their throwing pose.

Those that were not killed instantly shattered as a pair of arrows came at high velocity, followed by a blur of motion as an enraged Short-arse barrelled into them. Her axe blows were quick and precise, severing frozen limbs and heads from frozen bodies.

Within moments, the last goblin had fallen beneath the Dwarf's furious assault.

"Now THAT'S teamwork!" yelled Trogdar in exultation, "Told you my plan would work."

"Wasn't much of a plan really, was it?" replied Short-arse.

"Yeah it was," said Trogdar, offended, "I bravely act as a decoy, running out ahead with the light, while you lot attack from the dark."

"How is that different from our normal plan?" asked Jandyr.

"I'm not doing the attacking," said Trogdar plainly.

"Ah," said Jandyr, "safer then."

"What you mean?" asked Trogdar, appearing genuinely upset.

"Nothing, nothing," said Jandyr soothingly, "forget I said anything."

"Anyway," said Trogdar, brushing off the insult, "this place is a bit weird, innit?"

The room they were in was indeed strange, festooned with brightly-coloured red and yellow banners and bunting.

"Gorgut's kort," read Short-arse from a notice on the wall.

"Caught what?" asked Trogdar innocently.

"I think it means court as in Kingly, not that he's caught something Trogdar," replied Short-arse.

"Doesn't smell particularly regal down here," said Jandyr, walking ahead into the next room.

"There's more," said Short-arse, peering closer. "Do not feed the Trolls."

A bass rumble came from the room ahead, followed by a wet growl.

"HELP!" screamed Jandyr.

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