Ironbeard Grunnson

Ironbeard Grunnson was the High King of Karaz-a-Karak following the disappearance of his Father, Grimcrag Grunnson, and Grandfather, Ungrun Grunnson. Ironbeard hired the Warriors to find trace of his Father and Grandfather, and to recover the legendary Grunnson Axe.

Upon his Father's return from Karak Azgal, Ironbeard renounced his claim on the throne and joined the cult of the Slayer, seeking penance for his failure to rescue his father.

However, Ironbeard did not find his new life easy and instead he became a bandit, stealing from those he met on his travels. It was in the Dwarven Halls beneath Mount Gunbad that he encountered his cousin Short-arse, eventually stealing a small amount of Gold from her.

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