Chaos Star

The Old World is a dark and dangerous place, full of death and destruction where your literal worst nightmares can kill you. It is no wonder that faith plays an important part in the lives of most of its inhabitants, and each race has their own pantheon of deities to pray to for their salvation.

However, lurking just below the surface of almost every race are those who seek not salvation, but power, knowledge, lust or mercy. For those individuals willing to pay the sacrifice such gifts command, the Gods of Chaos listen.

Forces of Chaos Edit

Human Edit

Marauders Edit

Chaos reigns over the North Pole of the World, and it is here that the majority of its followers hail. In harsh conditions where food is scarce and shelter scarcer still, only the most brutal or cunning survive to adolescence. By this age they are likely to have sold themselves to at least one of the Gods, if not all of them.

Banded only together by their clan, Marauders seek the death of their enemies through brute force, bludgeoning them to death with flails or heavy axes, or flinging rocks the size of fists in large numbers. Though strong and tough they wear little to no armour, welcoming death as much as they seek to provide it in full knowledge that they will meet their doom in the service of their Gods.

Chaos Warriors Edit

For those mighty enough to survive the worst the World has to punish them, there is one more service the Chaos Gods demand: to serve forever as their (somewhat) mortal forces. Whether a Marauder who has survived long enough to know how to keep alive, or a champion of one of the lesser races of the World who have fallen to Chaos, the path to immortality truly begins as a Warrior of Chaos.

Clad in eldritch Chaos Armour wrought millennia past, and armed either with sword and shield or a mighty double-handed Chaos Axe, the Warriors of Chaos march South to annihilate those unworthy in the eyes of their Gods.