Black Fang Orcs

Black Fang Orcs massacre the Dwarfs of Mount Gunbad

The Black Fang Orc tribe inhabited the former Dwarf Hold of Mount Gunbad. Led by their Warboss Gorgut, the tribe held the fortress for over 50 years before their destruction at the hands of The Warriors .

Comprised mainly of a solid core of Orc Warriors led by a particularly vicious group of Big 'Uns, the Black Fang Orcs were notorious for their cruelty towards what they considered 'lesser' species. This basically meant all other races that were not Orcs, but most despised of all were their Goblin cousins.

Despite this considerable (and viable) threat a number of Goblin and Night Goblin tribes hung around the tribe, mostly for the protection the Orcs could provide, as well as a small cadre of Black Orcs led by Skrunch.